Road Construction

The Probase Difference

With over 20 years of experience, Probase’s culture of excellence is built on the foundations of our history and values.

At Probase, giving back is more than a good deed. Our business was founded on the principle of making Roads No Longer Muddy & Dusty.

By Connecting Businesses and Communities through better roads, it brings better economic opportunities and improve living outcomes for the people.

We also want to ensure that our reach went beyond our clients we work with around the world. We are continue developing unique Probase road technology to make roads more durable & affordable through innovative proposal.

Building Sustainable Roads, Sustainably

Roads are key to economic development, social connectivity and community upliftment. They bring producers to markets, communities to services, workers to jobs and students to school. But the best roads do more than connect; they provide long term benefits and opportunities to the communities, businesses and countries it serves. This is where Probase stands out amongst our peers in the field.

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December 21, 2021
Why Soil Stabilization is Important?
The stability of the underlying soil determines the total performance of the pavement. Normally the available earth does not have the appropriate...
December 21, 2021
Probase Eswatini Latest Status
R16:Mpolonjeni - Mbabane almost complete This road is an extension of Nkoyoyo/ Mpolonjeni feeder road which is the second pilot road constructed using Probase technology
December 21, 2021
Soil Roads not longer Dusty & Muddy – by Probase Technology
Roads, and means of transport, make a crucial contribution to economic development and growth and bring important social benefits. This is more crucial particularly in rural area, where the development of an all-weather road has a high potential to influence economic development through supply side effects.