Why Soil Stabilization is Important?

The stability of the underlying soil determines the total performance of the pavement. Normally the available earth does not have the appropriate properties to serve the engineering purpose and therefore needs to be substituted by effective materials to modify and improve their properties.

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It is very expansive and not practical to import good quality material to the construction site and therefore modify the in-situ soil is important to meet the engineering purposes. Soil strengthening and stabilization usually done by physically & chemically.

Soil stabilization is to strengthen the property of soil to improve its engineering and structural performance permanently. Engineering properties of soil depends on different various engineering factors like : soil composition, different geological deposits and physical/chemical interaction of soil particles. It is important to consider various engineering aspects before stabilization to have effective and efficient solution. Thus, it is important to conduct soil analysis at the laboratory to determine the amount of stabilize & strengthening chemical on the in-situ soil

Probase | Road Construction | Better Roads Better Life Better Future | Road

Probase Stabilization are mechanical and chemical both adopted. Mechanical stabilization also known as compaction is done by densification of soil by applying mechanical energy.

Physical & Chemical properties by using chemical stabilizers & hardener is most efficient stabilization. An effective soil stabilization besides using quality material, a set of machinery & equipment shall make available during construction process. And most importantly a details quality control plan is establish to determine the quality of stabilization to meet the require CBR requirement before the top layer application.