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December 21, 2021

Value of Probase Impact to Local Communities- Probase Senegal

In Senegal, women represent 50.2% of the population according to ANSD’s 2021 projections. They play an important role in the national economy, bear household costs and carry out agricultural work.

Their empowerment is a prerequisite for inclusive and equitable economic growth. All over the world, women are resilient and astute economic agents.
Aware of its challenges, in the context of related projects to projects, AGEROUTE Senegal places particular emphasis on reducing the workload of women, which aims to guarantee them the necessary tools for full participation in the economy, by providing them with equipment such as millet mills.
It is in this capacity that this endowment is part of the project to develop 52 km of rural roads with PROBASE technology in the regions of Diourbel, Thiès and Kaolack financed by the Islamic Development Bank and the State of Senegal.
This equipment acquired under PROBASE will be distributed to women in the localities of Thiadiaye-Nguéniéne, Bambey-Gawane-Thieytou, Popenguine-Ndayane and in the commune of Ourour.
At a total cost of 22,420,000 FCFA, this equipment will undoubtedly contribute in an effective way to lighten the domestic tasks of women, who can thus use these time savings for literacy, income-generating activities or better monitoring. children and the preservation of a healthy environment.
Probase | Road Construction | Better Roads Better Life Better Future | Road

The millet mill handover to the population of Bambey will facilitate the daily domestic work of the women and the company in charge of the construction of the road Bambey Gawane-Thieytou (Probase) that has provided the millet mill.

There are six Millet Mills given by Ageroute and that this is in relation with the corporate social responsibility with Probase and it is very important for the Bambey-Gawane et Thieytou.
Women representative said: “Before that, women have many difficulties to find a blinder for their domestic activities and this situation will improve with the donation of the Millet Mills.
DJBRIL GUEYE, Probase Senegal Project & Quality Manager said : “Probase Project is hiring local populations in every village along the road during the construction work. The same population will continue the maintenance of Probase road for the 10 year guarantee period”. This action helps create local job opportunities and when project is complete, the local people learn the technology and continue maintain the roads at their village they stay, this is meaningful to them.
Ageroute representative mentioned also, this is in line with the social aspect of the project that Ageroute has implemented in all the project. The road construction is not making roads only but it has to take into account the social aspect such as employment ,construction of school, hospital and training center for women.
Probase technology provide cost saving compare with conventional road and Probase technology transferred allow local Senegalese’s can learn about this great technology. During this pilot phase of 52km, many youth have been recruited in the execution of the project.

The ceremony was held at the communes of Bambey, Gawane and Dinguiray (Thieytou), under the chairmanship of Madame La Préfète de Bambey, The Mayor of Bambey, the Mayoress of the commune of Gawane and President of the GPF women’s network of Bambey and The Mayor of the municipality of Dinguiray, Ageroute Senegal, on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructures, Land Transport and Opening up, millet mills and foodstuffs, with the company Probase, socio-economic support equipment for women as part of the rural road improvement program with PROBASE technology in Bambey for the benefit of the communes of Bambey, Gawane and Dinguiray (Thieytou).